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Nigeria: pollution in the Niger delta by Oil companies

Daily Trust, a Nigerian newspapers examines the implications and lessons that Nigeria can learn from  the blowup of a British Petroleum, BP-operated deep water oil rig last month.

The environmental catastrophe caused by BP has been going on in Nigeria unchecked and has not received similar attention because subsequent administrations specifically the Obasanjo era has been sleeping with BP.

You do not need to go far; Egbema, Delta and Bayelsa are home of BP’s atrocities in Nigeria but have gone unheeded because of Nigeria’s ignorant corrupt leaders.

What we are witnessing in the Gulf of Mexico is a child’s play compared to Nigeria experience. Natives have lost their agricultural land, Fish Farms, Clean air and Good health because BP and Corrupt Nigerian leaders are in bed.

Thank God BP has been exposed by the Gulf episode and has been brought to their knees by President Obama and the American people.

The legal institution in Nigeria is equally culpable in this crime. Could you imagine the number of cases lingering for years in the Port Har Court, Nigeria courts because the Judges have been bought over by BP.

Very often these Judges instead of ruling on the cases would go on vacations to London sponsored by BP at the detriment of fellow Nigerians.

Do we now understand why kidnapping and armed robbery is flourishing in this part of the world? Youth unemployment, moral decadence and hopelessness must be addressed otherwise Nigeria has a blink period ahead.

Mr. President Good Luck Please rise to occasion and compel BP to set aside huge sum of money in Escrow account to compensate families and business affected by BP’s reckless business practices. It is true that the BP Executives have bullied Nigerian leaders in the past but the time is over because the Gulf saga has portrayed their weakness and put a human face to all this mess.