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Nigeria: Presidential Inaugural speech- Long promises, No plans

  1. The Movement  for Revolutionary Change (MRC) congratulates the President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Nnamdi Sambo on their swearing in today for a four year term of office. We also extend our compliments to all the 36 state Governors and their Deputies sworn in today.
  2. The Inaugural speech by President Jonathan was more of a motivational speech than action statements, it was full of promises, but bereft of policy statements.  We expected that the President would have used today’s strategic opportunity to outline strategies the new administration intends to tackle Nigeria’s myriads of problems; and that he would have also specified definite  goals, and set targets for meetings this goals.
  3. The inaugural speech was bare on the basics,  merely rhetorical, and does not marshal any plan of achieving the national transformation, the President talked so much about.
  4. The four year term that begins today is the last chance for Nigerians to experience good governance under the present democratic arrangement.
  5. This is the last time, Nigerians will not be willing to gather at Eagle square or any other theatre at stage levels to listen to new promises.
  6. President Goodluck Jonathan has demonstrated that he means well for Nigeria,  but the cabal he represents and brought him to power will  not allow him to transform Nigeria, thereby setting the stage for a realisation of the Nigerian revolution.
  7. Nigerians should start to monitor the new administrations on how they fulfil their election promises. Nigerians should demand for a revolution if this new set of political leaders fails to transform Nigeria, as we expect them to fail judging from their antecedents and their interest they represent.

Babatope Babalobi

Coordinator,Movement  for Revolutionary Change (MRC)


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