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Nigeria rated among most politically corrupt nations

Transparency International(TI), in its 2009 Global Corruption Barometer report, has listed Nigeria among the most politically corrupt nations in the world. Others include Argentina, Austria, India, Chile, Israel, Greece, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

The global society organisation, which raised awareness about the damaging effects of corruption throughout the world, in its 2009 report,  stated that political parties (28 per cent) and the civil service(26 per cent), have been discovered to be the most corrupt sectors in the world. Other sectors include parliament/legislature(15 per cent), business/private sector(14 per cent), judiciary (nine per cent) and the media (six per cent).

The organisation, which interviewed 73,132 people in 69 countries and territories between October 2008 and February 2009, also said that the private sector’s share of corruption was increasing at an alarming rate, with a notable increase of eight percentage point, compared to five years ago, adding that “more than half of respondents held the view that bribery is often used to share policies and regulations in companies’ favour.”

Reports also had it that African countries were most largely affected by bribery. The most affected countries were Cameroon, Liberia, Serria Leone and Uganda, with more than 50 per cent rate, while countries like Russia, Ghana, Indonesia, Iraq, Kenya and Senegal fell within the category of Group 2 (Between 23 and 43 per cent rate). Nigeria fell within Group 3 (Between 13 and 22 per cent rate) with countries like Pakistan, Ukraine, Peru and Serbia.

Another report reveals that, according to respondents, the police “is the institution people mostly likely bribe,” with 24 per cent rating, while the judiciary, land service, registry and permit services, medical service, tax revenue and utility have 16 per cent, 15 per cent, 13 per cent, nine per cent, seven per cent and seven per cent respectively.

Investigations further reveal that government’s effort towards fighting corruption were largely seen as ineffective. However, Nigeria, including Singapore, Indonesia and Hong Kong, has the highest proportion of people rating their government’s anti-corruption efforts as effective