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Nigeria rebranding project may fail, says Ayeni

The Chairman of the Osun state Youth Empowerment Board, Adeniyi Ayeni has said “every effort at rebranding Nigeria will continue to be futile until the Youths who are the mirror of the society are gainfully employed”

“The three tiers of government need to provide enabling environment for the youth to get sustainable employment through mechanized farming and agro-industrial ventures’, said Ayeni at a one day induction course for the Graduate Attachment Programme (GAP) participants in Osogbo, Osun state

Ayeni lamented that the unemployed youths, who should play a dominant roles in the rebranding crusade, get involved in social vices that are capable of denting the image of the country, saying that the World Bank issued recently on Nigeria that 40millions graduates are jobless and out of every ten graduates in the nation, only one is likely to secure sustainable employment.

The Federal Ministry of Information is implementing an image laundering project intended to rebrand the Nigerian nation