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Nigeria: UK confirms partnership with Nigeria at 50

Ahead of Nigeria’s golden anniversary of independence, British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, confirms the UK’s strong partnership with Nigeria. Foreign Secretary William Hague and Nigerian Foreign Minister H. Odein Ajumogobia held a joint meeting on September 28, three days before Nigeria’s independence golden jublilee. Following the meeting, the two ministers recorded a video message.

In the meeting the Foreign Secretary spoke about the UK’s determination to build on cultural and historical links between the UK and Nigeria and highlighted the many bonds shared between British and Nigerian citizens. The Foreign Secretary pledged the UK’s support for the Nigerian Government’s vital work to deliver credible elections in 2011.

He also confirmed that Nigeria and the UK are both committed to driving economic growth by building partnerships between British and Nigerian business, and that both countries are committed to setting an example of strong and responsible international leadership, within the Commonwealth and on the world stage.