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Nigeria: Youths in Abia Threatens with ‘Naked’ Protest

President Goodluck Jonathan has been urged to immediately set up an inquiry to arrest  situation of kidnapping in the South East of Nigeria especially Abia State,

The call was made by a delegation of Abia youths,  in Abuja, while threatening to mobilise other youths and women of the state to demonstrate naked in Abuja if immediate action is not taken on the situation.

“It is shameful that Abia has become synonymous with violent crimes especially kidnapping, activities in the state has been paralysed coupled with the strike by the state university lecturers; it seems the governor has lost control of the state and the kidnappers are having a field day, operating openly and in daylight as if there is no security operatives or that there is government in the state.

“We therefore demand that President Goodluck Jonathan takes decisive action by immediately putting machineries in motion and declare a state of emergency and also set up inquiry to unmask the godfathers of the criminals, who in the daylight openly operate without anybody challenging them or government taking actions,” Oersted said.

He also accused Governor Theodore Orji of playing politics with the worsening security situation by openly asking for amnesty for the kidnappers despite killing many people who either cannot afford the ransom or refused to pay.