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Nigeria:Group drags ex-federal legislators to EFCC over car purchases

The Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) has petitioned the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission over the purchase of official cars and equipments at given away prices by members of the sixth National Assembly. The Group urged the commission to arrest and prosecute all persons that approved and benefited in the economic crimes within seven days.

MRC commended the EFCC for arresting the outgoing Speaker of the Federal House of Representatives, Mr. Dimeji Bankole over alleged financial impropriety, the MRC urged the body to investigate Bankole’s whole in the saga while the outgoing Speaker is still in their custody.


The full text of the petition is below:

June 5, 2011

The Chairman,

Economic and Financial Crimes Commission




  1. We commend your commission for the arrest of the outgoing Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Dimeji Bankole over alleged financial impropriety,.
  2. While still in your custody, we urge your commission to use the opportunity to investigate some other matters of financial mismanagement under his leadership, apart from the issue of the N10b naira, for which  he was reportedly arrested.
  3. We wish to draw the attention of your commission  to media reports that  members of the Sixth National Assembly session have given to themselves the right to buy off   469 official cars and office equipments.
  4. Media reports also state that these official cars  namely 360 units of Peugeot 407 cars and 109 units of Toyota Camry cars as well as office equipments which were originally bought at inflated prices of N6.1m each less than three years ago are not being bought off by the National legislators at rock bottom prices of N850,000.00.
  5. We like to refer your commission to the Federal Government Monetisation policy as legalised by the provision of the Certain Political, Public and Judicial Office Holders (Salaries and Allowances etc) Act 2002 by virtue of which the Federal Legislators were not supposed to purchase official  cars in the first instance, since their transport allowances had been monetised.
  6. We also refer to the alibi given by the leadership of the National Assembly at the time the inflated cars were being bought that the vehicles  were meant for work of the committees of the National Assembly.
  7. Against these background, we write this petition requesting your commission to investigate the following:
    1. a. Whether the purchase of the cars few years ago was not against the monetisation policy of the Federal Government and laid down rules.
    2. b. Whether it was proper for the members of the 6th National Assembly to sell off the cars and equipments to themselves; whether in determining the buyers of the cars/equioments and the selling price  of the cars/equipments,the management and leadership of the National Assembly followed down due processes, government regulations, and civil service rules.
  8. We are of the opinion that this incident is an infraction of the criminal code,  an infraction of the EFCC Act, and an economic crime against Nigerians,  as such the officers that approved the purchases should be appropriately tried under the law and all the departed members of the 6th National Assembly should be directed to return the said cars and equipments immediately and be arrested and prosecuted for theft of government properties.
  9. We call on your commission to act swiftly on this petition as a matter of national interest.

10.  If we do not receive a positive feedback from your agency within 7 days, we shall be compelled to seek judicial intervention.

Babatope Babalobi

Coordinator,Movement  for Revolutionary Change (MRC)




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