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Nigerian blogger to report G20 summit

Sokari Ekine, a nigeria female blogger and activist has been nominated as one of the about 50 influential, knowledgeable and popular bloggers from the G20 countries and the developing world will report live and direct from the G20 summit in London.

Ekine will be among these bloggers who will engage with and influence world leaders on issues including development, climate change and women’s rights. The bloggers were nominated by the public, with more than 700 nominations received in 12 days.

Sokari Ekine is a G20Voice blogger.

She blogs at

She says, “I am a Nigerian social justice activist who has been directly involved as in various campaigns and advocacy projects for 20 years. In 2004 I founded Black Looks, a Pan African blog covering a range issues, one of the few African blogs reporting and commenting on LGBTIQ rights in Africa and the Niger Delta.”