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Nigerian deploys Teachers to Rural Liberia

Edwin M. Fayia III

Nigeria’s Ministry of Education (MOE) has begun the deployment of about 40 Nigerian professional teachers to rural parts of Liberia.

The teachers are specialists in various academic disciplines including Literature, Language Arts, Mathematics, Physic, Chemistry, Biology, History, and Economics among others.

At a formal program marking the departure of the teachers to rural Liberia, held at the Kakata Rural Teachers Training Institute (KRTTI) in Margibi County, Deputy Minister of Education for Instruction, Dr. Mator M.F. Kpangbai, urged the teachers to serve as goodwill ambassadors of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as they contribute to the strengthening of the Liberian educational system which in yesteryears had been in a moribund state.

He added that President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the Government and people of Liberia were appreciative of the increasing contributions of the Nigerian professionals to Liberia’s reconstruction and peace building process.

Deputy Minister Kpangbai also indicated that at the end of their two year service to Liberia, some of the Nigerian teachers may decide to return home while others may choose to remain in Liberia owing to the general hospitality of Liberians.

“The issue of qualified teachers,” Minister Kpangbai pointed out, “had been an African problem and Africans must strive to develop Africa collectively.”

The Deputy MOE boss also urged the Nigerian teachers to carry out their duties with professionalism at their various places of assignment.

“An educated man and woman,” Minister Kpangbai noted, “must always be willing to share knowledge not only to students but to the greater portion of the society.”

He further urged the Nigerian teachers to collaborate Liberian teachers in the performing of their duties at all times.

In remarks, the Assistant Minister of Education for Vocational, Technical and Professional Education, Attorney Yonton B. Kesselly, reminded the Nigerian teachers of challenges ahead of them as they take up their assignment.

Minister Kesselly also appealed to them to exercise highest degree of tolerance and understanding in the performing of their duties as, according to him, majority of students that they (teachers) would teach have over-grown over the years.

For her part, the Assistant Minister for Secondary Education, Mrs. Felicia Sackey Doe Sumah, urged the teachers to rise above the menace of sex for grades.

Minister Sumah intimated that that menace had permeated the Liberian society for far too long and stressed the need for the Nigerians to champion commitment to the ethics of the teaching profession.

Earlier, the Director of KRTTI in Margibi County, Mr. John Sellu, welcomed the MOE officials on the campus of BWI and assured them of cooperation by their Liberian counterparts and the citizens.

Also in separate comments, several Chief Education Officers (CEOs), District Education Officers (DEPs) and principals of host communities of the Nigerian teachers extended hands of friendship to the teachers from Nigeria.

In response, a representative of the Nigerian teachers assured the authorities of MOE and other stakeholders’ cordial working relationship and ethical performance.

“We believe in deeds than words and sugar-coated excuses in the performance of our duties,” the Nigerian teachers’ representative concluded.

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