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Nigerian Football Federation is a failure, says Senator

The Nigeiran Football Federation is responsible for the woes befalling Nigerian football, says Senator Joel Danladi,  member of the Senate committee on Sports and Social Development.

Senator Danladi, who spoke to The Guardian during the committee’s facilities inspection tour of the Abuja sub-seat of the Local Organising Committee (LOC) of the FIFA U-17 World Cup (Nigeria 2009), described the NFF as a total failure in the administration of football in the country, saying that the board had failed to meet up with its responsibilities

He noted that since the present board of the NFF was inaugurated, everything had been going wrong, adding that the board could not boast of one area of improvement of the game in the country. Danladi believes that if the board continued in its ways, it would lead Nigerian football to disaster.

The former chairman of the House of Representatives Sports Committee stressed the need for the NFF to rise to the people’s expectations, noting Nigerians were looking up the federation and Coach Shaibu Amodu to deliver the nation’s ticket to South Africa 2010 World Cup.

“I said it during our public hearing that this NFF board is a complete failure. They do not know that they have caused a lot of hypertension to teeming Nigerian fans through the unintelligent way they are managing the nation’s football,” he said.

Danladi urged the NFF board to buckle up for the challenges of leading Nigeria to the World Cup or face the wrath of the committee, stressing that the image of Nigeria was greater than any individual in the federation.

He also opined that it would be unacceptable for Nigeria to host the FIFA U17 World Cup excellently only for the nation’s team to crash out early in the competition due to poor administration, adding that it was unacceptable if the first World Cup on African soil would take place without Nigeria as one of the participating countries.

Danladi urged the Federal Government to order an immediate release of fund to the LOC of the Nigeria 2009 to ensure that the country was not disgraced in the organisation of the cadet championship, which comes up in October.

Source: Guardian