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Nigerian News: Agenda for President Jonathan

The Movement  for Revolutionary Change (MRC) has outlined a 10 point agenda for President Jonathan Goodluck as he prepares to assume office for a  4 year term as Nigeria’s President.

This 10 point agenda contain critical issues that must be addressed by the Jonathan administration within the next four years. The ability of his administration to address and resolve some critical national problems will be the benchmark to access the success or failure of his new administration.

It is not enough for  President Jonathan to state that he does not desire to seek a second term in office . In any case, the re election of a President for a second term is not automatic in all democracies, but based on outstanding performance in office.

President Jonathan Goddluck therefore needs to inform Nigerians how he intends to spend  the 4 year term mandate. We challenge the President to make key inviolable promises to Nigerians,  on problems he intends to solve and areas his  4 year administration will positively touch the lives of Nigerians. Nigerians  should also  set benchmarks for the Jonathan Administration now that he has been elected on his merit, rather than a joint ticket.

The President must enter into a pact and sign a covenant  with Nigerians on progressive programmes and polices that would be implemented by his administration.

The President should realise that the cross country votes he recorded in the presidential election  is not necessarily a measure of endorsement of his past actions or inactions, but an indicator of the huge expectations expected from him. As such, Nigerians we not accept any excuses for failures  in the next four years.

We urge the President Jonathan’s administration to implement revolutionary programmes and polices that address the under listed issues between now and 2015, failure of which his administration will be declared a waste in the life time of Nigeria, and his party the Peoples Democratic Party should be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Movement  for Revolutionary Change (MRC) 10 point agenda for the President Jonathan Goodluck 2011-2015:

  1. By 2015, regular power supply must be available continuously for a minimum of 16 hours every day in all parts of Nigeria; and for 24 hours daily, for all Industrial locations in capital towns in Nigeria and Abuja.
  2. By 2015, demand for Motor Premium Spirit (fuel) must be met 100% locally either through government owned refineries or private owned refineries.
  3. By 2015, the year of the Millennium Development Goals, No Nigerian child should die of preventable disease such as Cholera, guinea worm, Diarrhoea, Dysentery and Malaria.
  4. Between now and 2015, the President should revisit reports of all past religions, sectional and political crises , implement the recommendations and bring all culprits to book. By 2015, Nigerians of various religious shades, political believes  and ethical affiliations  should  have imbibed the culture of tolerance and should not be drawing daggers at themselves
  5. By 2015,  closed  factories and industries should roll back to Nigeria because of the existence of basic infrastructure  such as roads, water supply, transport and telecommunications. Industrial concerns that have relocated to neighbouring countries should start coming back, and foreign Investors  should be excited to come and set up business in Nigeria. In the same vein, queues at foreign embassies in Nigeria should have shortened as Nigerians are happy to stay in NIgeria and Nigerians in diaspora should be willing to resettle home due to better opportunities.
  6. By 2015, Hunger must have been substantially banished in Nigeria and Nigeria should have become a net exporter of Rice and many other cash crops and fisheries.
  7. By 2015, no Nigerian resident should be unnecessarily afraid of being kidnapped in broad daylight anywhere in Nigeria.
  8. Between now and 2015, the construction of massive fastback railways between major cities such as Lagos, Kano, Maiduguri, Abuja, Port Harcount, Onistsha etc should be nearing completion.
  9. By 2015, education should be made free and compulsory for the first ten years or until the age of 15.. No Nigerian child should be denied educational opportunity due to lack of funds. Those willing to pursue secondary and tertiary education should have access to funds as loans or grants. Massive Adult literacy schemes should be initiated for the nomadic fulanis, almajiris and area boys
  10. 1By 2015, unemployment must become a crime in Nigeria. Every youth must be able to secure a work. Every Nigerian graduate must be able to secure a profitable employment in the private or  public sector after the National Youth Service; and the Government must commit itself to paying unemployment allowance for those unable able to secure a job.

Babatope Babalobi

Coordinator,Movement  for Revolutionary Change (MRC)