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Nigerian news: Opposition groups from alliance to out PDP

As Nigeria prepares for 2011 election, over 48 political opposition parties yesterday disclosed  their intention to come together under the auspices of the Patriotic Electoral Alliance Forum (PEAF) .

The new arrangement which is meant to invigorate the opposition parties as to contend with the ruling  Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is in good stead to present a  common canditates in the 2011 elections.

The former governor of Kaduna State, Alhaji Balarabe Musa, who spoke on behalf of the group, said apart from the need to strenghten the opposition against PDP, the initiative was also intended to enable them to meet the requirement placed by the Independent National Electoral Commission .

According to Musa, the new alliance emerged following the collapse into one of the Coalition for New Nigeria (CNN), comprising 23 parties and another known as the Patriotic Leaders of Thought Forum, with 25 parties.

Speaking at the end of the meeting held at the Labour Party Office, the ex-Kaduna governor explained that notable parties such as Labour Party (LP), Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) and a host of others had all agreed to work together in the interest of democracy in Nigeria.

“The new alliance will produce one presidential candidate for the 2011 presidential election and replicate the same move at all levels,” he said, noting that “the opposition parties have learnt their lessons and resolved that the 2007 misadventure called election will not happen again.

The stealing and criminal waste of resources would have to stop.”

He further said that the new group would be meeting on October 28 to streamline the arrangements and elect its leaders.

“One thing is sure, we will work together, the alliance will produce one presidential candidate, and the platform upon which the candidate will contest will be determined,” he added.

Also addressing the gathering, the leader of the Patriotic Leaders Forum and National Chairman of Kowa Party, Umar Musa, explained that the arrangements were still at the preliminary stage, adding that the parties were still engaged in consultations.

“We will bring all progressives together. All the opposition parties will be in the agenda, we have advanced discussions, All Progressives Grand Allinace (APGA), the All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP), the CPC, Labour Party and CAN are all part of this new Alliance.

“We will work out the arrangement in such a way that each of the parties in the deal meet the minimum survival requirement because we do not want INEC to de-register any of us,” he stated.