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Nigerian news: Senate committee plans new bill on liquefied gas to

 The Nigerian Senate is planning a legislation to regulate the practice in the LPG subsector towards encouraging high consumption of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), otherwise known as cooking gas, by Nigerians

The Bill for an act to establish the Liquefied Petroleum Gas Council of Nigeria is being put together by the Senate Committee on Gas.

It seeks to ensure that Nigerians maximize the potentialities inherent in the usage of cooking gas.
As part of efforts to bolster the initiative, the Committee is holding a Gas Summit in partnership with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) where stakeholders’ input will be collated. 
THISDAY learnt that the legislative action is to encourage rural dwellers to prefer cooking with gas rather than with firewood.
A source close to the Committee said, “In view of the fact that Nigeria is a gas-producing country and since gas is the preferred energy option everywhere in the world today, every effort put in place to ensure that our economy benefits maximally from the opportunities from gas should be encouraged.
“We will not be rendering any service by continuing with the present level of LPG usage in Nigeria which is completely embarrassing. Rather, we should explore better ways of encouraging our people to use gas for their day-to-day cooking and also for other uses such as power generation.”
The source further stated, “it is lamentable that Nigeria is the least LPG consuming in sub-Saharan Africa even though countries like India with a comparatively higher population and higher illiteracy level has successfully introduced cooking gas usage to their various rural communities.
“It is instructive too that Ghana recently hosted a workshop on the introduction of cooking gas in rural communities under the auspices of UNDP which led to an upsurge in the usage of LPG among the rural communities (World Bank study sponsored by FGN in that country).

“These facts have shown that the usage or introduction of LPG has nothing to do with the level of education but more to the political will to embark on or initiate policies which the sector is lacking.”

 THISDAY also gathered that the Upper House is committed to push through legislation for a gas flare-out regime.
A document obtained from the Committee said, “This Senate, particularly the Committee on Gas is willing and totally committed to achieve its core mandate to overseeing and legislating for a gas flare–out regime through utilization.
“The findings of the recent events/hearing organized by the Senate on gas flaring have made it imperative that we make visible and sustained effort to break out from the vicious cycle and challenge posed by gas wastage, severely detrimental to health, the environment and the economy.
“The Senate has therefore resolved to fast track the process leading to a comprehensive legal and regulatory framework, he said.”

Source: Thisday