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Nigerian Presidency:President Jonathan and Babangida


I was stunned by a statement credited to IBB recently where he said “I wont step down for Jonathan” and I almost wept. I have always wondered the direction our so called leaders are heading. Sometimes, I cry in my heart but my cry simply solves no problem. Where are we drifting to? Where are they leading us to?

We have seen the inability of our leaders past to provide electricity, good education, solid infrastructure, standard health facilities, good transportation systems, security of lives and property to mention but a few. Yet, today, these shameful people who call themselves leaders, elders still want to weave the future of this country to their apron string.

It is saddening and disheartening that these set of leaders, who have been recycling themselves in governance and have failed us woefully, are still talking about power shift, stepping down and capturing power to the North or South, East or West. Haba.

I felt sad, not necessarily because of the zoning arrangement but because the so called North is being lead by no other people but by Babangida, Atiku, Buhari and et cetera. These are people who have, one time or the other ruled this country. These are people who have at a time or the other set this great country back.

How forgetful are we. How blind are we. How short of memories we have. Yet, they are out there, planning and strategizing on how to come again to rule. Are they not shameful? Do they have dignity and morality to think of coming back to power again?

During their tenures at different times what did they achieve?

In the North, what legacy did they leave for their kinsmen? Poverty, pain, disease, retrogressiveness and disappointment. Yet, their people follow them.without recourse to focus and sensibilities. Is it because they have fat pockets? I cannot really fathom all these useless nocturnal moves because only people who have evil intentions meet and plan at the middle of the night.

Look at the combination: Babangida, Atiku, Ciroma, Audu Ogbe, Buhari et cetera.
These are all failed people who have one time or the other failed us. Where two or three of such gather, people should arrange their legs and elope. The mere mention of their names leaves bile in one’s mouth.
Governor Jonah Jang told the nation recently that “the people of Plateau State and myself have confidence in President Goodluck Jonathan and that is why I advise him to contest in 2011. I am one of the founding members of the PDP at the national level and I am not aware of any zoning arrangement to the best of my knowledge.”

So, why is Babangida crying foul if not that he has ‘evil’ intentions?

Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Chukwuma of Enugu Anglican Communion has succinctly expressed that “nobody has the right to dictate to us in this nation on who should rule us and so the retired army leaders who could not deliver the nation when they had much more younger and old politicians should stay clear”

Former Action Congress Publicity and Communication Committee Chairman, Gambo
Dampass, said recently that “it would be wrong for Babangida and the others to continue to parade themselves as northern leaders whereas they are a bunch of opportunists If Nigeria were a country where the law works, and where people allow their conscience to dictate for them, people like Babangida, Atiku and Buhari would never think of asking northerners for their vote again. It is even shameless that they are contemplating to contest in 2011 under the northern umbrella”.

Yet we have Nigerians, learned Nigerians, Nigerians who were very much around when
all these atrocities were committed, Nigerians who are now blind because of greed, who care less about the ordinary Nigerian on the street because they are rich and wants to get richer? They have gathered, from the North and other parts of this country, to support IBB’s presidential ambition.

They gathered and ready to deceive us with zoning. What is zoning? They called it a gentleman’s agreement.

Agreement? Is that what governance is all about?
What an insult to our sensibility. Is power the prerogative of the North? Is it compulsory that the North must rule? Is it by force? The annoying thing is that they talk as if ruling Nigeria is a birth right. Yet they want unity. Nigeria can never be united as

far as this continues. As far as they refuse to let equality and love exist.
They set up committees to work on the other regions. They forget that Nigerians have grown wiser. They forget that we cannot be fooled forever, they forget that when a goat is pushed to the wall, it turns back to fight. Nigerians will surely and deservedly shock them come 2011.

The North has ruled for God knows how long. The South West the same. But give the minority a chance, as dictated by providence, they want to die. These are minority Nigerians who had been deprived, paupered, battered and abandoned, yet they refused. They are putting every machinery in place to seize power as if they want to perform miracles.

Electricity problem has been there, they cannot find solution to it. Water problem has been there, health, education, fuel scarcity, poverty, unemployment, infrastructure and most especially roads, they could not find solution but are jostling for power like school boys. Jonathan’s ascendance to power by divine intervention has exposed them. It has exposed the fact that they don’t care about the other regions, the minority and the Nigerian people as a whole. It is crystal clear that they only want the UNITY of Nigeria because of power and oil wealth. Let them plot and plot and plot against President Jonathan, who is presently trying to right the rot they left this country,

I assure you, they will eventually fail.

When Jonathan was deputy governor, people plotted. But God has His plans. When he became Vice President, they plotted, yet God has His plans. Even as Acting President, he was plotted against not to be president. It all came to naught. God made him the President because God himself has seen the suffering of the ordinary Nigerian. For a man from the Niger Delta, a minority area, who was enthroned by God to rule, to be given a chance to try his effort to right all wrongs which they have all failed to right, they are crying foul. What difference have they made when they had power?

Jonathan must be given the opportunity to continue. Nigerians are warning them but they refused. God is warning them not to change the course of His tide but they have turned blind ears. Keep keeping on. God (siddon) dey look.

He is watching. You are all grooming yourselves to zoom into your doom. But note one thing, no matter how much you try, God’s will for the people shall prevail.