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Nigerian Security Forces Batter Civilians Without Provocation

Nigerian Security Forces had shot against a group of non-violent demonstrators protesting the government-ordered demolition of slum homes.

The protesters fled as the security trucks pulled up and officials immediately began shooting. Government officials are blatantly denying the unwarranted attack, although at least twelve were wounded by gunshots, and others are dead.

Witnesses have said they saw six bodies piled in the back of a police pick-up truck.

Nigerians have endured physical devastation from raging floodwaters a couple weeks ago, as well as moral corruption and lawlessness evidenced by recent bombings, kidnappings, and these unwarranted and denied shootings by government officials—those who are meant to protect the country’s citizens.

The people of Nigeria are in desperate need of God’s healing and hope.

The Tide, a 64-year old organization, seeks to provide God’s comfort and the promises of the gospel to those who do not have the resources to hear God’s Word.

The Tide produces and broadcasts life-changing radio programs to areas around the globe that are unreached by the Gospel.

The Tide will provide radios to those who are suffering, and those who may not be aware of the eternal consequences of their lawlessness, that they may learn and take comfort in Jesus’ promise of salvation.

The “Radios for Nigeria” project hopes to provide Christian truth and encouragement to as many unsaved people as they can reach, both in the Christianized south of Nigeria and the Muslim north.

The Tide’s newest project, “Radios for Nigeria,” provides radios and media devices to broadcast the heart language radio programs produced and aired in the languages of Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa, which is Nigeria’s official Muslim language, and Efik, which is spoken by over two-million Nigerians.

“Our prayer is that our broadcasts, and the literature and tapes that we distribute in Nigeria, will help to strengthen and build hope among the Nigerians by allowing them access to the gospel that they may never have had the resources to experience.

With an extravagant crime rate, Nigeria is inhabited by gangs, murderers, rapists and drug users—these are the people that Jesus wanted to reach the most.

It is our hope that Nigerians begin to understand the opportunities they have to change their country, and their lives,” states Don Shenk, executive director of The Tide.

In one village, over 3,000 civilians listened to radios and media players provided by The Tide and over 500 were saved.

The Tide has reached thousands of lost people through their radio programs produced in indigenous languages throughout South Asia, India, and Africa.

In many villages in which The Tide ministers, whole families and towns gather daily around a single radio to listen to the Word of God.

The Tide has spent the last 64 years reaching the unsaved in regions across the world through radio broadcasts and church plants that feature pastors preaching in each country’s own language.

The Tide also supplies radios to villages in India and Africa, so that residents can listen to programs together and move toward a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

The Gospel Tide Broadcasting Association was founded in 1946 by the Rev. Charlie Byers.

Today, the ministry produces one-minute short-feature radio broadcasts, Global Updates, that air on 332 radio stations across the United States with stories of how people are coming to Christ with the help of The Tide ministry.

The Tide ministry also features effective discipleship activities including literature distribution, Bible correspondence courses, seekers conferences, discipleship seminars and the radio distribution project.

The combination of ministry elements has proven to be extremely effective in changing lives throughout India, Africa and South Asia, and planting churches where believers are nurtured in their faith and through which whole communities can be drawn into the Kingdom of God.