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Nigerian youth group wins Britain’s talent title


A group talented Nigerian born youth have won Britain’s Got Talent title from hot favourite Susan Boyle this weekend.


The 11-member troupe known as ‘Diversity’ was led by lead dancer and choreographer British-Nigerian Ashely Banjo, his brother Jordan Banjo is also a member while Nigerian-Born Ike Ezekwugo is the final Nigerian link in the troupe. 


 While Ike was born in Nigeria and migrated to the UK, Ashley and Jordan are children of Nigerian, Funso Banjo, a former boxer and now a successful businessman and his British wife, Danielle – a former dancer with the Royal Ballet.


The troupe performed an energetic and captivating routine that thrilled the crowd and wowed viewers.

The British press is already enamored with the young dancers as they are being championed as positive role models for Black Youth in the UK. According to Ashley, ‘My education matters to me…


As far back as I can remember, my parents drummed into me the importance of doing well at school. I’m not going to be spinning on my head when I’m 50, but as a qualified scientist I can always earn a living’. Ashley is currently studying Natural Science at Queen Mary University,


Jordan is studying for his GCSEs and is already predicted top results while Ike will graduate with his Human Resource qualification soon.