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Nigeria’s Biotechnology policy

 National Biotechnology Policy sets out the essential prerequisites For regulating the practice and products of modern biotechnology while accessing its potential benefits



The overall objective of the policy is to provide a regulatory regime and guidance for the sustainable development of the science of modern biotechnology, its application and safe use of its products without prejudice and risk to public health, environmental health, national sovereignty, human dignity and fundamental human rights.


The Specific objectives will include:

1.    Regulation of modern biotechnology practice and procedures to ensure the safe use of its products.

2.    Guide the development of appropriate legislation and implementation mechanism established through a transparent participatory process.

3.    Develop the necessary human and infrastructural capacity to effectively manage the regulatory system

4.    Ensure effective control of transboundary movement of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and products thereof resulting from modern biotechnology, through information exchange and a science based,transparent system of advanced information agreement.

5.    Provide for the establishment of a comprehensive, coordinated central

monitoring and oversight system for all modern biotechnology research and development activities in Nigeria.

6.    Provide an institutional framework for national decision making and linkage with the international community on biosafety issues.

7.    Institute public enlightenment campaign on biosafety


The mission of this policy instrument is to promote the basic tenets of biosafety as enunciated in the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to the Convention on Biological Diversity and facilitate the development, enactment and implementation of a regulatory regime (legislation) that ensures the safe application and use of the products of Modern Biotechnology.


Download Nigeria’s Biosafety Policy in the link below: