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Osun state: The Challenge before Governor Rauf Aregbesola

The Movement of Revolutionary Change (MRC) ) has

congratulated Engr. Rauf  Aregbesola as the Court of Appeal today confirmed him  winner of the 2007 elections and ordered that he be sworn in tomorrow.

As Aregbesola and  lovers of Justice and Democracy celebrate the hard fought battle and victory, Engr. Aregbesola must realize that the over four years  tortuous path  to victory would be in vain if he fails to  offer good governance.

Osun state has been highly unlucky  in producing visionary leaders at the state level. Since its creation in 1991, Osun state has been ruled  by political gold diggers, fun lovers, and political charlatans.  Apart from the brief tenure of 1st Military Administrator of Osun State-Colonel Leo Ajiborisa (27 August 1991 – 1 January 1992) which witnessed of progressivism,  it is a tragic fact the people of Osun state have never have a taste of a government that is transparently honest  and genuinely committed to transforming  the socio economic lives of the citizenry for the past two decades.

We challenge Rauf Aregbesola to go and make a difference. We remind him that he is being  ushered with popular  acclamation unparalleled in the political history of the stat. He therefore need to see his victory as an opportunity to serve the people massively voted for him across religious lines  and stood with him even with the loss of some lives, rather that serve people any  god masters.

We are aware that the new Governor of Osun state has a revolutionary background dating to  his undergraduate days when he was Speaker of the Students’ Parliament (1977/78) at the Polytechnic, Ibadan and the President of the Black Nationalist Movement (1978-1980). Now that he is in the saddle, he cannot afford to turn coat, but exhibit his foundational revolutionary candour by harnessing  the resources of the state for its development.

We urge him to implement programmes and policies that will advance  the educational, economic, and agricultural development of Osun State. To ensure his success he should pursue revolutionary programmes that are practical, low cost, people centred and people driven, for the State’s development.

Governor Aregbesola must leverage on the popular and grassroots power that brought him to power  to harness and develop the human and material resources

Babatope Babalobi

Coordinator, MRC