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PDP chief warns against coup in Nigeria

Former Chairman of Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Col. Ahmadu Ali, rtd, warned yesterday that Nigerians will chase out of the streets any military adventurist that might want to stage a coup at this critical period of Nigeria’s march to nationhood.

Speaking at a forum put together by the Anyiam-Osigwe Foundation in commemoration of Nigeria’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, Ali noted that “the military should keep to their barracks as any attempt to come back we shall chase them back to the barracks.

“Luckily, the present crop of military are likely a more improved version because they all joined the military after graduating, their own university, the Nigeria Defence Academy, the students do not go on strike, the lecturers too do not go on strike.

“They study same subjects we study in our universities and military tactics in addition so they are better equipped to understand the economy, even in everything than their predecessors who said intervening in government is good.”

Explaining further, the former helmsman of the ruling party said “in 1950, we had only one university modelled after the London University and it provided all the manpower required by the nation, not only 1954 that it became University of Ibadan, but by Independence the Nigeria School of Science and Technology methomorphosed into Ahmadu Bello University, University of Nigeria Nsukka and Obafemi Awolowo University emerged.

“Since then, the universities started to grow little by little. When I was Minister of Education, I inherited six universities, by the time I left, they increased to 13, I thought I did a fantastic job, but today, our universities are more than 30, the quality somehow has fallen because a senior lecturer who cannot become a professor in one university gets a professorial appointment in another university.

“:Our universities are not well funded enough to enable our lecturers undergo sabbaticals and re-invigorate their knowledge in their various fields, the professors are stagnant, there is need to look at our university system and improve on the quality but what you hear is all sort of irresponsible act, sex and money for mark to get A in their certificates.”