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President Obama’s inaugural speech..

Highlights of President Obama’s inaugural speech

President Barack obama

Fellow citizens,

  • I stand here today humble by the tasks before us, grateful for the trust you bestowed.
  • I thank President Bush for his service to the nation
  • We are in the midst of crisis..there is a nagging fear that America’s decline is inevitable
  • The challenges we face are real..they will not be melt down overnight..but they will surely melt down
  • We have gathered here because chosen hope over failure..
  • Greatness is never must be earned
  • We reamain the most prosperous nation on earth..starting today we must pick ourselves up, dust oourselves up
  • There is work to be done to lay new foundation  for growth
  • We shall restore science to its rightful place
  • We shall harness the sun, the moon, the earth , and the wind to fill our cars
  • The question we ask today is not whether our economy is too big or too small but whether it works
  • The prosperity of our economy depends on our ability to extend opportunity to everyon
  •   Our spirit is stronger and it can not be broken, you cannot harass us, we shall defeat it
  •   People will judge you on what you can build not what you destroy
  • This is a moment that will define a generation
  • To the moslem world we seek a new way forward.
  • God bless the United States of America