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Press Statement Declare your assets now, MRC urges outgoing Public officers, others

The Movement for Revolutionary Change (MRC) has urged all public officers in Nigeria to declare their assets in between now and the end of the month, in line with the provisions of the Code of Conduct Bureau.

We particularly which to urge President Jonathan Good luck  that he has a duty to declare his assets by May 29, 2011 publicly as he did almost four years ago, when he was sworn in as the then Vice President of Nigeria.

We recall that on May 30, 2007, President Good luck Jonathan declared assets totalling N295, 304, 420m with no foreign accounts or assets, before Justice Muktar N. Dodo of the Abuja High Court.

Nigerians who recently gave him a new mandate will be interested to know how his assets have fared over the past four years. We also appeal to him to persuade the First Lady, Mrs. Patience Goodluck to surmount the courage to also publicly declare her assets, which has been mired in controversy. Also, all serving and reflected or newly elected Governors, Legislators, Local Government Chairmen, Ministers, Commissioners etc and their Aides are reminded to show commitment to transparency and accountability by publicly declaring their assets.

The Act that established the Code of Conduct Bureau requires every public officer shall, to declare his asset either at the end of every four years for those that are re elected, at the end of his term of office for those not re-elected and at the beginning of the tenure of office for those newly elected

At a time like this when the tenure of office of some public offices is ending, while that of others is starting, all out going and in coming public officers are reminded that by virtue of the Code of Conduct Bureau and Tribunal Act, Chapter 56 LFN 1990, they are required to fill and submit assets declaration forms for themselves and their spouses.

Corruption is widely believed and known to be the greatest factor that is retarding the growth and development of Nigeria and asset declaration despite its short comings is a way of tackling this malaise.

With the impending passage of the Freedom of Information Bill, there is no hiding place for looters of the public treasury as every citizen will now have a right to access assets declaration form of public officers to ascertain their genuineness of otherwise.

Babatope Babalobi

Coordinator, MRC

May 11, 2011

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