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Shell trains ex-Niger delta militants in business management

Royal Dutch Shell  is working with Nigeria's Federal government to re train Niger delta militants who were recently granted amnesty, to ensure the militants do not return to violence.

"In co-operation with the government and the states, we are taking on ex-militants to train them in business development, to teach them what real business is all about," Shell's Africa communications director Olav Ljosne said

"We of course look at their education and the background of the guys so that we can see that they can make use of it and develop from it," he said.

"Shell is contributing its own part," said Gideon Ekeuwei, secretary to the state government of Bayelsa, one of the three main oil-producing states in the Niger Delta.

Officials said more than a dozen ex-militants were in the initial batch being taken for training but others would follow.
President Yar'Adua last week approved 200 billion naira ($1.34 billion) in federal funding to build roads, hospitals and schools in the region.