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South Africa World cup- Nigerians celebrate with Ghanians

Millions of Nigerians put aside the rilvary  between the two countries to celebrate with Ghanians on  their historic feat of advancing to the quarter final of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, the first ever by an African Anglophone country.

Reports reaching the Tide newspaper from Nigeria say shouts of joy erupted across communities in the commercial capital city of Lagos after the match, which Ghana won 2-1 against hard fighting United States.

‘Fans here celebrated as if the Nigerian national team, Super Eagles have won’, said Vincent Obi, a journalist who resides in Aguda area of the city. Football fan, Innocent Okoronkwo told ‘PANA’ that a particularly excited fan in his Ajegunle neigbourhood declared free drinks for those present at a beer palour where many converged to watch the match.

I will say 75% of the fans at the beer palour were supporting Ghana,” he said, noting that a few rooted for the US. In a rare scene on Lagos roads, several vehicles were seen flying the Ghana flag after the Black Stars victory.

The reports, however said local newspapers – perhaps still too shocked by the Super Eagles early exist- seemed not to share the enthusiasm generated by the victory, as most largely tucked in the report of the victory in their inside pages. One even gave more prominent to the qualification of Uruguay, Ghana’s next opponent – than that of Ghana.

40 years after, Uruguay books quarter final place’ was the main headline on the back page of the leading Guardian newspaper on Sunday. But the Nation newspaper managed to find a space for a tiny headline on the victory on its front page, where it proclaimed: ‘Ghana through to quarter finals.

’ Ghana remains Africa’s hopes in the competition in which five of the six African representatives were eliminated in the first round. Nigeria’s Super Eagles is one of the five African teams that fell by the wayside, after they failed to win even a single match in the group stage.