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Stella Obasanjo’s killer-Doctor to spend one year in jail

A Spanish Medical doctor received a one year jail sentence, for involuntary homicide in connection with the death of the wife of Nigeria’s former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Stella, after he performed liposuction on her.

The court also banned the doctor, identified only by the initials M.A., from practising medicine for three years and ordered that he pay the son of the deceased 120,000 euros ($176,500) in compensation.

Stella Obasanjo died at the age of 59 in October 2005, after undergoing the procedure at the Molding Clinic in Marbella, the playground for Saudi princes and Hollywood stars located on Spain’s mediterranean coast.

The court ruled that the tube which the doctor inserted to extract fat from the patient had been introduced by mistake in her abdominal cavity, causing five incisions to her liver and colon.

“The blood loss and internal injuries she suffered could have been treated without any problems if they had been detected in time,” it said, adding that he had “failed in a serious and severely reckless way in his duty of care.”

Public prosecutors had asked for prison sentence of two years and that the doctor be banned from exercising his profession for five years.

Source: Tribune