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Stop weeping crocodile tears, group counsels Buhari, others

As Nigerians go to polls to elect a new President, the Movement for Revolutionary Change has advised the Congress for Progressive Change Presidential Candidate, General Muhammed Buhari (rtd), and all politicians seeking elective offices to stop wiping up emotions and sympathies in roder to fulfil their personal ambition.

The democratic process cannot be benefit from personal lamentation and crocodile tears, but by proper articulation of the programme to change Nigeria to a prosperous nation. Over the years, the political class have used various puerile weapons to amass followership. These include ethnic jingoism, religious fervour, and monetary inducements. Nigerians cannot be deceived by these divide and rule practices as it has not put food on the table of the common man. The problems facing the common man are transverse these dividing lines.

The Movement for Revolutionary Change calls on the electorate to keep records of the promises presently being made by politicians, as experience have shown that these promises will be broken as soon as the elected public officers are sworn into office.

Nigerians must start to keep record and track the promises of politicians and hold those elected accountable to fulfilling these promises in the next four years. Nigerian bourgeois  politicians must also realise that the time is up for them to deliver on their promises or give way for a revolutionary change in Nigeria’s polity.

The present political class have only four years to  expire its mandate. By 2015, when the tenure of the new set of political leaders presently being elected comes to an end, no Nigerian will be interesting in queuing to vote for another ‘class of parasites’. Movement for Revolutionary Change believes Nigerian revolution is knocking at the doors, and we admonish Nigerians to have faith in the future greatness of Nigeria because the clouds of a sweeping and lasting revolutionary change are fast gathering

Babatope Babalobi


April 15, 2011