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SUWASA Chief urges fight against corruption in the water sector

Abuja, Nigeria

Unless corruption is effectively tackled and minimized in Nigeria’s water supply and sanitation sector, state water supply utilities may not be able to deliver their mandate of delivering drinking water to Nigerians on a sustainable basis, says Mr. Dennis Mwanza, Chief of Party,  Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA)

Speaking this morning at the start of a five day training  on ‘Human and Resources and Organization Development Training for State Water Boards undertaking water utility reform in Nigeria’, Mwanza described corruption as a ‘big disease’ undermining service delivering in the water sector; and stressed the need for water integrity to reduce or eradicate corrupt in the water systems.

Contributing, Ms. Patricia Simon Hart, Commissioner, Ministry of Water Resources and Rural Development, Rivers state expressed optimism that the corruption would be minimized in the water supply and sanitation sector if there is increased automation, strengthening of systems and processes, increased auditing and accountability, and reorientation of staff.

“If these are put in place there will be less incentive to become corrupt and less avenues for corruption’, said Hart.

The main focus of the training organized by USAID Nigeria through the SUWASA programme, is on human resources and organization development issues and challenges in a reformed water utility.

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