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GWP West Africa (GWP/WA) Chairman- call for applications

The West Africa Water Partnership (GWP/WA), the regional body of the Global Water Partnership is seeking candidates for the position of its   Chair. 

The Global Water Partnership aims at supporting countries in the sustainable management of their water resources.

 The mission of GWP recognises that the broader development goals of eliminating poverty, improving social well-being and economic growth and protecting natural resources cannot be achieved if water resources are not used in a sustainable way.

 GWP is promoting Integrated Water Resources Management. The role of the GWP/WA chairman is to lead the regional partnership to accomplish its fundamental mission that is to form alliances and reinforce the institutional capacities of the members in order to encourage and strengthen research, information and expertise networks on IWRM in the region. The chairman presides over the Assembly of Partners and the Steering Committee and represents the Partnership in all its civil life transactions. 

The GWP/WA chairman is appointed by the Steering committee for a term of two years renewable only once. Candidates should be regional political, scientific or technical leaders with a demonstrated background and interest in building and reinforcing cooperation and partnership. 

GWP/WA chairman is expected to provide an input of approximately ten weeks per year including the Steering Committee annual meeting and the Assembly of Partners’ meeting every two years of two to three days each in different parts in West Africa.

The chairman is paid at a daily rate fixed by GWP/WA Steering Committee. All travel, per diem and accommodation costs are covered at  standard terms. The working languages of GWP/WA are English and French. Nominations and applications should be submitted to GWP/WA Secretariat by April 30th, 2008 at the latest..

Women candidates are highly encouraged.Curriculum Vitae or contact and background information on proposed candidates should be submitted to: GWP/WA Secretariat03 BP 7112 Ouagadougou 03Burkina FasoTel: +226 50 36 62 12Fax: +226 50 36 62 08

E-mail: General information on GWP and GWP/WA is obtained on GWP web–site or can be requested directly from the GWP/WA Secretariat via phone, fax or e-mail.