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WASH takes centre stage in Mumbai, India

Sanitation, hygiene and water for all, will be on global focus from tomorrow when the 1st Global Forum commences.

Arranged  by the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and the Government of India , the Forum has four main objectives, said Anna Tibaijuka,  First, it will facilitate learning and sharing between members, sectorpractitioners and policymakers . Second, it will energize  professional communities by focusing exclusively on sanitation and hygiene. Third, it will showcase knowledge, investment, communications, advocacy, partnership and networking approaches . Finally, it will strengthen national, regional, South South, and global dialogue and collaboration

Poor sanitation is costing developing countries between 3 and 7% of GDP,” said Anna Tibaijuka, chair of WSSCC. “Improved access to toilets has the potential to reduce healthcare costs, improve productivity, increase earnings from tourism and promote greater educational attainment, especially among girls. When a school has separate toilets for girls, with doors that lock, their attendance rates improve, especially once they reach menstruation.”

Anna Tibaijuka, Chair, WSSCC.

Governments of developing countries need to continue to place a high priority on supporting improved access to sustainable sanitation services, while prioritizing sector investments and providing a clear roadmap to ensure comprehensive coverage to the poor and underprivileged, in particular,” added Jon Lane,  executive director of WSSCC.

He said one aim of the Forum is to help put sanitation higher at the national, regional and global political levels, in part by building links between practitioners and policy makers.

Speakers at the forum include Ebele Okeke, Former  Permanent Secretary in Nigeria’s Ministry of Water Resources, Engr. Okeke and Nigeria’s WASH Ambassador, who will be speaking  on “Being a catalyst for countrywide change”; Ifeoma Charles-Monwuba, Head of Programmes and Deputy Country Director, Action Aid, Nigeria is expected to deliver a paper on “Bridges for girls’ education”; while Ada Oko-Williams, Coordinator, West African Regional Learning Centre on Sanitation, WaterAid, Nigeria will speak on “Spread of CLTS in Nigeria and Africa “.


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