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Water Journalists publish Handbook

‘Media Handbook on WASH‘ is a manual for journalists on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) issues in Nigeria; and was published by the Water and Sanitation Media Network, Nigeria

Download Inner pages: HandbookonWASH

Download Cover page: CoverWASHhandbook

The handbook contains basic information, statistics and facts on Nigeria’s WASH profile, including access rate, coverage, and status towards meeting the Millennium Development Goal and target for water and sanitation in Nigeria.

The Handbook also features challenges in providing sustainable access to WASH services in Nigeria, and social as well as economic cost of poor access to WASH services especially by the urban and rural poor.

Background information is also provided on Nigeria’s hydrogeology including surface and groundwater resources, and geological formations; the gap between water supply and water demand; as well as the   institutional, policy, and legal framework for delivery of WASH services in Nigeria.

The objective of providing this basic information is to ensure journalists interested in writing on WASH issues, are well informed and educated on the fundamentals of the sector.

The Handbook also contains information on major WASH milestones like the World Water Day celebrated every March 22, and the Global Hand washing Day celebrated on October 15; and International meetings such as the World Water Week in Stockholm, the triennial World Water Forum, and the African Sanitation and Hygiene Conference.

We hope this information will aid the participation of WASH Journalists in these events. The Handbook provided the web links of key WASH documents in Nigeria which Journalists could easily download and use as materials for stories. Such documents include the National Water policy, the National Water-Sanitation policy, Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Strategic framework, and the Nigerian Standard for Drinking Water quality.

Almost 100 terminologies on the software and hardware of WASH are also defined in the Handbook to keep Journalists were informed and aid the quality of WASH reporting.

The Handbook also features addresses of institutions in the WASH sector involved in service delivery, regulation and policy formulation particularly at the Federal level; as well as other stakeholder groups such as civil society organizations; consumer groups, the media and external support bodies.

The telephone numbers, emails, and office addresses of these bodies are provided.

Contacts of potential news sources for journalists including names of key individuals that may be able to provide Journalists essential WASH information or grant interviews are also provided. These news sources are drawn from government, civil society, academia, donor agencies, and consultancy firms.

The handbook is intended to be an information start up for anyone interested in reporting Nigeria’s WASH sector. It is aimed at improving the quality of reporting WASH issues in Nigeria.

It would be particularly useful for Journalists interested in reporting Nigeria’s WASH sector, citizen journalists, and other Sectoral stakeholders.

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