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WaterAid launches online tool for monitoring WASH commitments

An online resource, which helps to strengthen the call for improved water and sanitation facilities globally, was launched by Wateraid, today at the World Water Week in Stockholm.

The online data accessible at is intended at helping citizens and civil society organisations hold governments to account by monitoring national commitments on water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and identifying the areas where they need to do better.

It also enables users to monitor whether government budgets are being spent on
these essential services.

The website rates countries’ progress under different categories compared to their commitments.

Ian Ross, WaterAid’s policy Ian Ross, WaterAid’s policy analyst who developed the resource, said: “We are really pleased to be able to launch this globally after running successful pilot versions internally.

“ now provides information on the state of sanitation for all African countries, as well as on water and financing for most countries where WaterAid works. This website is for everyone; what we would like to see is organisations across the world adding data for their countries and commenting on analysis that is already there.”It’s imperative that governments are held to account on the commitments they make, and this is a useful tool to track progress in a collaborative way.”

The website includes:  Comparisons of different countries’ progress against political  commitments, such as the eThekwini declaration in Africa and SACOSAN  in Asia; and Easy tracking of government budgets for water, sanitation and hygiene , and quick comparisons to neighbouring countries

As well as providing real time information on progress in the sector, the new online resource makes it easier for organisations to work together, as all users can contribute content.

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