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Why we are rebranding Nigeria-Dora Akunyuli

The Minister of Information, Dr Dora Akunyuli has explained the reasons for the jettisoning of the ‘Nigeria heart of Africa’ project initiated by her predecessor for the new image laundering project called ‘Rebranding Nigeria’ project.

Addressing Journalists after the weekly meeting of Nigeria Cabinet Ministers, the Minister said the former Heart of Africa’s project was ‘elitist and foreign’.

She further said that the sum of N150 that was budgeted for the former project in this year’s budget will be transferred to finance the current rebranding project, and out of this amount N20m will be used to settle debts already incurred on the ‘Heart of Africa’ project.

Akunyuli also announced that a 24 man committee has been set up to work out the implementation strategies of the ‘Rebranding Nigeria’ project.