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Women and sustainable sanitation

Request for evidence of impact of sanitation

Some of you may be aware of the For Her it s the Big Issue report, produced by the WSSCC in 2006 in collaboration with UNICEF and GWA, available at

This was in support of the ‘Women Leaders for WASH’ initiative, launched by the WSSCC in 2005 as part of its WASH campaign, to bring together distinguished women leaders to advocate for improved WASH services, having a special focus on gender equality and improving the lives of women and girls.

Through this list, some of you contributed information for this report, especially drawing on unpublished experience and grey literature.

As the WSSCC is now preparing to update this material, I d like to make a further appeal for experience post-2006 which was not included in the first report. It is often very difficult to find evidence like this but reporting on changes to real lives, where this is possible, provides a very powerful advocacy tool.

The emphasis this time is on sanitation in particular and I’m looking for published and unpublished examples of how sanitation services affect women (e.g. in terms of health, education, dignity and safety, and economically) and also how women contribute to sustainable services (e.g. in planning and decision making about improvements to WASH interventions).

If you have any direct evidence of where this has led to positive change for women I’d really like to hear from you, especially if this information is not in the public domain.

Please contact me directly at the email address below. The completed report will be shared with the list at a later date.

Julie Fisher

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