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World Water Forum ends with civil society protests

The Sixth World Water Forum rounded up last weekend in Marseilles, France with a peaceful protest organised by global civil society movements against ‘privatisation’ and ‘commodification’ of urban water supply. The protesters called for public management of water systems in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa  and the global South.

The protest which drew a large crowd was organised by several  trade unions, civil society and community groups including Public Service International, Council of the Canadians, Red Viva, Africa Water Network, European Federation of Public Service Unions, Transnational Institute, WASH United, Greenpeace, Food and Water  Watch and other bodies that organised the Alternative World Water Forum (FAME).

Accompanied by unarmed Policemen, protesters matched through the streets of central Marseilles singing, dancing and chanting slogans against private water corporations, International financial corporations, and the World Water Council  that organised the mainstream World Water Forum.

Some pictures of the event are below:







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