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7th World Water Forum kicks off in South Korea

The 7th World Water Forum (WWF), a triennial global gathering of water professionals and practitioners,  kicked off on Sunday in  South Korea on Sunday, with the Korean President Park Geun-hye uring the over 20,000 participants to find solutions to water-related international disputes.

“I think linking waterways between South and North Korea will help ease tensions on the Korean peninsula which have lasted for nearly 70 years (since the Korean War that ended in 1953). We will seek ways to make and manage waterways that run through the two Koreas,” she said.

Organised under the  “Water for Our Future,”  this edition of the forum is expected to discuss solutions to water shortages, water security, and related issues. The  forum is being held in two Daegu and  Gyeongju, two towns in Southeast of Seoul.

Benedito Braga, president of the World Water Council, speaks to reporters at the EXCO convention center in Daegu, the main venue for the World Water Forum, Sunday. Nearly 1,800 politicians, business leaders, and environmental activists from 170 countries take part in the six-day event, during which they will discuss ways to resolve water-related issues, including water shortages and water security. / Yonhap

Some 1,800 political, business leaders and environmental activists attended the opening ceremony on Sunday and held meetings and seminars to discuss the theme of “Water for Our Future.

During the five-day forum,  participants are expected to discuss three action goals: “Water Security for All,” “Water Development and Prosperity” and “Water and Sustainability,” the organizer said.’

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