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WSSCC campaigns for inveased investment in sanitation


The Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC)  has launched a new  WASH campaign titled :  ‘GDP for GDP – Good Dignity Practices for Gross Domestic Product’

According to  an official of the WSSCC, Saskia Castelein, the new advocacy will  ‘empower WSSCC members and WASH advocates to communicate with governments to spread the message that there is an economic gain to be made from investing in sanitation and hygiene; and create a movement that champions the real value of safe sanitation across communities and constituencies’.

The campaign which intends to ‘turn Shit into Gold’, aims at encouraging WASH stakeholders including decison makers, NGO groups, entrepreneurs, journalist, community leaders, heads of household including WSSSCC members towards embarking on initiatives and interventions to improve water and sanitation conditions through investments in WASH practices.

The investment, will in turn improve health conditions, increase productivity, improve the environment for tourist attraction, create new jobs and business opportunities, enhance education and literacy level and ultimately improve the economic well being of societies and countries as an outcome of the various investments in the water and sanitaion sector.

For more information on  ‘GDP for GDP’, visit:

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